Hybrid Electric Vehicle Battery Pack

​Hove rboard 36v 5ah Lithium Batteries pack

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Product Details

Hybrid electric vehicle battery pack

Product Details:



Features & Advantage

1. High capacity, low inner resistance, long cycle life, low self-discharge .

2. Rapid charge-discharge cycle life up to more than 500 times.

3. Provide both single cells and battery packs.

4. Fast charge is available.

5. Enough, stable capacity, steady discharge and high temperature discharge.

6. Customized sizes, packs, tags, labels, plugs, connectors, over current protection, temperature control protection is available.

7. The batteries are applied to widely application.

8. We can CUSTOMIZE THE BATTERY AS YOU WANT. The Voltage can from 3.7V to 72V, Battery Capacity can be from 1800mAh to 200AH

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