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Battery charging
- Jul 26, 2018 -

Charging should occur when one of the following conditions occurs: the specific gravity of the electrolyte drops below 1.2; the discharge in winter exceeds 25%; the discharge in summer exceeds 50%; the light is dim; the start is weak.

Some car owners believe that fast charging can save time and only takes 3-5 hours. In fact, fast charging only activates the surface of the battery quickly, but in fact the internal battery is not fully charged.

In addition to fast charging, there is also a kind of slow charging, charging time is 10-15 hours, those who are deeply deficient in battery must be slowly charged, otherwise charging time is not enough, the amount of charging is insufficient, it will directly affect the driving performance of the car. Although charging is a fairly simple operation, there are some precautions: 1. Wear a protective clothing when charging a lead-acid battery. 2. When charging, there should be no sparks near the battery and smoking is prohibited. 3. When charging one or more batteries in parallel, the charger voltage should not exceed 16V.