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Battery charging error
- Jul 26, 2018 -

correct charging method

There are more and more electric devices in today's cars, and when using these electric devices, the owner should try not to overload the battery. Overloading of the battery will reduce the life of the battery. It is important to have the correct battery charging method.

First connect the positive pole of the battery to the positive pole of the power supply, and the negative pole of the battery to the negative pole of the power supply

Then the initial charging is carried out in two stages: first, the initial charging current is charged to the electrolyte to release bubbles, and the single-cell voltage rises to 2.3~2.4V. Then, the current is reduced to 1/2 initial charging current, and the charging is continued to the electrolyte to release a vigorous bubble, which is stable for 3 consecutive hours. The total charging time is about 45~65h.

During the charging process, the temperature of the electrolyte should be measured by halving the current, stopping charging or cooling. The temperature is controlled at 35~40 °C. When the initial charging is completed, if the specific gravity of the electrolyte is not specified, distilled water or electrolysis with a specific gravity of 1.4 is applied. The liquid is adjusted. After adjustment, recharge for 2 hours until the specific gravity meets the requirements.

Tip: The battery is usually replaced once in two or three years. The correct battery maintenance method can keep the battery's normal life and make your battery "powerful". Not only does it save you a lot of trouble, but it also saves you the money to buy car batteries.