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How long is the cycle life of Ternary Lithium Battery
- Oct 26, 2018 -

As the cruising range of new energy vehicles is limited, how to improve the battery life affects the entire market. 

In the battery industry, the ternary lithium battery quickly occupied the 3C, automotive and other markets with numerous advantages, and gradually replaced the lead-acid battery. For the traditional battery, the ternary lithium battery has the advantages of long life, energy saving, no pollution, low maintenance cost, complete charge and discharge, light weight, etc.  

While, How long is the real cycle life of Ternary Lithium Battery?Let us uncover the truth.

Ternary Lithium Battery

The theoretical life of a ternary lithium battery is 1200times.

Which is moderate in commercial rechargeable lithium batteries. 

The cycle life of lifepo4 is about 2000 times, and 10,000 times of LiTiO. 

Usually, the mainstream battery cell manufacturers promise the cycle life of Ternary lithium battery is more than 500 times(charge and discharge under standard conditions)

While after the batteries are assembled into battery packs, due to the consistency problems of voltage and internal, the resistance cannot be exactly the same. and its cycle life is about 400 times. 

The manufacturer recommends that the SOC use window be 10%~90%. It's always not recommended to carry out deep charge and discharge. Otherwise, it will cause irreversible damage to the positive and negative structures of the battery. 

If it is calculated by low charge and low discharge, the cycle life will be at least 1000 times. 

In addition, if the lithium battery is often discharged in a high rate and high temperature environment, the battery life will be greatly reduced to less than 200 times.

The correct method of charge and discharge will decide the cycly life of Ternary lithium battery.

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