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How to maintain your LEV lithium 18650 batteries
- Jan 23, 2019 -

There are circuit boards with micro-controllers inside lithium battery packs makes them fairly complicated to deal with if you don’t follow the correct procedures. It’s not only the risks of lithium, but the sheer numbers of cells in an electric vehicle. Every cell should be as reliable as possible and every problem with a cell should be as isolated as possible.

Here are some basic tips you may need to know about lithium battery packs:

  1. Don't overcharger them above 4.2 Volts

  2. Don't  discharge them below around 3.0 Volts

  3. Limit charging current to roughly 0.5C, or as specified

  4. Limit discharge current as specified

  5. Make charge and discharge temperature under control as manufacturer specified

  6. Limit charging to the regulated ambient temperatures (not hot, not cold)

  7. Monitor cell voltages for balance while charging

  8. Consider individual cell disintegration issues