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Super battery
- Jul 26, 2018 -

"Super battery - engine starting power" is a device that can provide starting power to the internal combustion engine after rapid energy storage when the conventional battery used in the internal combustion engine fails and cannot be started.

The working principle and defects of the traditional battery: At present, the internal combustion engine-powered equipment mainly uses the traditional battery as the starting power source. Because the traditional battery is limited by the service life, storage time, ambient temperature and other factors, the storage will be reduced or the internal resistance will be too large. Failed to enable booting. At the same time, because these factors are difficult to predict and control, the situation that the internal combustion engine cannot be started can happen at any time and is helpless, especially when it is used in equipment for fire protection, disaster relief, military, communications, etc. or bulky construction machinery. It can have extremely serious consequences.

The internal resistance of the conventional battery increases by about 15% for every 10°C decrease, and the internal resistance of the battery exceeds the normal value by 25%. The capacity has been reduced to about 80% of its nominal capacity. If the internal resistance of the battery exceeds 50% of the normal value. The battery capacity has been reduced to less than 80% of its nominal capacity. If a new type of battery and a conventional battery are designed to be connected in parallel, a large current can be instantaneously released, thereby solving the problem of difficulty in starting the device due to low temperature, and greatly prolonging the service life of the conventional battery.