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The difference
- Jul 26, 2018 -

When the battery is low and the electrolyte density is too low, the blue ball sinks to the limit position, then the observation hole appears “inner infrared colorless” (the center is red dots, surrounded by a colorless transparent ring), indicating the battery If the loss is serious, it must be charged immediately. The English description is marked as (chargingnecessary).

When the electrolyte level is too low, both balls will fall to the limit position. At this time, the observation hole is “outside red and colorless” (the center is a colorless transparent dot, surrounded by a red ring), indicating Insufficient electrolyte, indicating that the battery cannot be used any more and must be replaced. If the test plug is mounted on a dry charge battery, it means that distilled water must be added. The English description is labeled Adddistilledwater.

The battery is a large and easy-to-loss component. It has a long life of 3 to 4 years, a short one to two years, and the more frequent the car (especially for long-distance use), the longer the battery life; the more Frequently parked cars or buses are often discharged but undercharged, and battery life is shorter.

The self-discharge of the battery and the gradual vulcanization of the electrode plate are inevitable "gradual failures" of the lead-acid battery, but with the increasingly strict requirements on the materials and processes of the product, such as the lead-bismuth alloy as the lead-calcium alloy, it gradually becomes " It is maintenance-free throughout. Some people are accustomed to using only the voltmeter or multimeter's voltage file without load to check whether the battery is fully charged, which is very unreliable. Because even if the battery is activated at the end of the discharge, as soon as the discharge is stopped, the positive and negative plates of the battery and the electrolyte can immediately reach the open circuit voltage - the electric bmw7 momentum, and the potential difference between them can be restored immediately. The single cell is about 2.1V, and the entire battery is about 12.6V or more. When measuring voltage alone, the current consumption is extremely small, so there is no large voltage drop inside the battery, so the display voltage is not low, but if a considerable load is added, such as headlights (10~15A), speakers (6) ~12A), the battery will make the light dim, the horn is hoarse, which shows that there is insufficient storage.

The use of a densitometer to detect the storage capacity of a battery also has certain limitations. The first is to know the density of the electrolyte when the battery is fully charged (Northeast, North China, Central China, South China, etc.) at that time (summer or winter). Based on this, we can make a comparison. Secondly, pay attention to the addition of pure water during daily or regular maintenance without adding electrolyte. In particular, do not add high concentration electrolyte, and sometimes add low concentration (such as 1.15) diluted electrolyte. If a high concentration electrolyte or even concentrated sulfuric acid is added, not only will the plate be severely vulcanized, the battery life will be impaired, but also the result of "high density and low power storage".