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UPS battery
- Jul 26, 2018 -

The UPS is called an uninterruptible power supply because it can quickly switch to the "inverter" state when the power is off, so that the computer in use will not lose important files due to a sudden power outage in the future. It is not used for backup power. If you just want to use electricity when the power is off, it is enough to buy the inverter. Most of the household UPS uses a maintenance-free lead-acid battery.

UPS battery good or bad method

There are special battery measuring instruments for the quality of the battery, but there are few such instruments in general users. There is only one multimeter. The following points are summarized in the maintenance to judge the quality of the battery for reference.

1. Judging from the appearance: Observing whether the appearance is deformed, protruding, leaking, cracked, burnt, and there is no oxide exudation at the screw joint.

2. On-load measurement: If there is no abnormality in appearance, the UPS works in battery mode with a certain amount of load. If the discharge time is significantly shorter than the normal discharge time, after 8 hours of charging, it is impossible to restore the normal standby time and determine the battery aging. .

3. Measure with a multimeter:

A. Measurement in battery discharge mode: Measure the voltage of each battery terminal in the battery pack. If one or more of the battery terminals voltage is higher or lower than the nominal voltage (nominal voltage 12V/section), determine the battery aging.