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Electric Vehicle Battery Assembly Equipment
- Jul 26, 2018 -

Battery casting machine Casting welding machine, also known as automatic battery casting and welding machine.

It is a small valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery casting and welding equipment. The whole set includes fixtures, molds, furnaces, cooling devices, and demoulding into the shell device. The clamp is composed of a fixing plate and a slidable pressing plate on the bottom plate, and the fixing plate is provided with a positioning pin; the surface of the casting welding die is provided with a sulcus having a bus bar and a pole shape, and is provided with a positioning hole; The inlet shell device includes a pneumatic stripping device and a pneumatic inlet shell device. The casting welding device of the utility model solves the disadvantages of low production efficiency and poor welding quality of manual welding in the production of the battery, and greatly reduces the contact between the human and the lead. The equipment is simple and practical, and is suitable for assembly and production of small and medium-sized valve-controlled sealed lead-acid battery plants of various sizes.