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Reasons For The Production Of Electric Bicycles
- Jul 26, 2018 -

Most car controllers have a line loss plug, and many dealers remove the speed limit to attract customers. Some car manufacturers simply remove the speed limiter from the factory, which can attract customers who value the speed and reduce the cost. Such a car has a very high current when driving at high speed, which will seriously shorten the battery life.

The minimum protection voltage of a 12V lead-acid battery is 10.5V. If it is a 36V battery pack, the minimum reserve voltage is 31.5V. At present, the undervoltage protection voltage of the controller used by most manufacturers is also 31.5V. On the surface, this is correct. However, when the 36V battery pack only has a voltage of 31.5V, due to the poor capacity of the battery, there will definitely be a battery voltage lower than 10.5V, and the battery is in an over-discharge state.

At this time, the capacity of the overdischarged battery drops sharply. At this time, the damage to the battery is not only the single battery but the life of the entire battery. In fact, after the battery voltage is lower than 32V until 27V, the added capacity is less than 2 kilometers, and the damage to the battery is very large. As long as this happens 10 times, the battery capacity will be less than 70% of the nominal capacity.

In addition, some users found that after the battery was under pressure for 10 minutes, the battery was not under pressure, and then the power was taken, which caused greater damage to the battery, and most of the car's instructions did not give the user a warning. At present, most controllers have adjustable potentiometers inside, and the vibration drift of this adjustable potentiometer is more serious. In the price competition, in the face of the user group that pays more attention to the appearance of the car, few products use precision multi-turn potentiometers that resist vibration. It is not surprising that such controllers drift after vibration.

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