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There Is A Problem With The Electric Car Battery
- Jul 26, 2018 -

1. Why should the battery be recharged before the first use?

Answer: When the battery is shipped from the factory to the use, it usually takes 1-2 months or even longer. During the storage period, the battery spontaneously reacts due to self-discharge inside the battery, and consumes a part of the power, which does not reach the rated capacity. It is best to recharge before the first use, so that customers do not think it is insufficient capacity.

2. How should the electric car be treated if it is to be stored for a long time?

Answer: First of all, the battery should be fully charged, and it should be charged at least once a month to prevent loss of electricity. It can effectively prevent irreversible salinization and short-circuiting of crystal chips.

3. Do you need to discharge the battery before charging?

Answer: The lead-acid battery is different from other secondary batteries. It has no memory effect. Therefore, no matter what state of charge the battery is, it can be directly charged without discharging.

4. Is the battery recharged after charging or recharging?

A: Due to the shallower discharge, the number of cycles will increase significantly. Therefore, according to this theory, diligent charging is beneficial to cycle life, but it is currently

In terms of a large number of chargers used in the market, due to price factors and technical levels, the charger has defects such as high failure rate, poor reliability, and low precision. Therefore, sometimes charging will affect the battery life. The battery is emptied and recharged, although the number of times of charging is reduced, but some single-cell over-discharge may occur due to the difference between the single-cell batteries during discharge, and the over-discharge battery charging acceptance capability will be greatly reduced, causing insufficient charging failure, and Since the battery is recharged after being discharged, the charger has a heavy load for a long time and is liable to damage the charger. Therefore, in light of the above, we believe that it is reasonable to charge once at 50-70% of the battery's discharge, which is good for battery use.