Portable Backup Lithium Battery

Customized super light weight 12v 18ah li-ion battery pack rechargeable lithium ion battery for LED Panel/LED strip/Solar system

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Product Details

Portable backup lithium battery

Product Details:


Battery Type: 18650 lithium ion battery

Nominal voltage:12V  Capacity: 18 AH

Charge voltage: 4.35*7 v

Discharge cut-off voltage: 8.1v

Charge current: 18ah

Discharge current: 0.5C

Max continuous current: 1C

Charge method: CC/CV (constant current/constant voltage)

Protection function: Overcharge and discharge protection, Over current and short circuit protection

Operating Temperature:

Charging Temperature: 0-45°C;

Discharging Temperature: -20-60°C

Relative Humidity: 65±20%

Size: 126X54X65mm

Weight: 1050kg

Warranty: 1year



1.Telecommunication system: VOIP,walkie talkie

2.Portable office equipment:laptop,PDA,Portable facsimile apparatus,portable printer.

3.video equipment:GPS,digital camera,portable DVD,portable television.

4.Portable switching device:POS machine,fingerprint scanner,Portable ticker.

5.Light equipment:miner light,searchlight.

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